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I need to dilute the SQ on my dash. It’s not the ship I have a problem with, it’s the Hook bashing.



But I'm holding you closer than most 'cause you are my heaven [x]



People who should be illegal (no order)
↳ Jennifer Morrison

I discovered what is and isn’t important to me. I decided I really wanted to enjoy life with someone fun, who can make the best out of any situation - whatever it is we’re doing.

make me choose: khaleesiiofwesteros asked belle french or ruby lucas

Happy 35th Birthday to the Lovely Jennifer Morrison! 


I wasn’t expecting myself to start a hysteria on the internet. My family is teasing me a lot and it makes my wife laugh a lot too. It’s really weird. I had never been associated to a project that triggered so many reactions so it’s all very new for me. And the guys from my rock band find this hilarious.

Urgh forgot I have to go fix up some stuff on my theme. 

*to self* Ugh Ella you need to be here more gosh. 


Since there’s not really any network dedicated to the gorgeous Colin O’Donoghue, me and Emma Kate decided to make one entirely dedicated to him (esp him as captain hook because I mean).

To Enter:
What We're Looking For:
  • you must love colin o’donoghue with all your heart

  • fandom/multifandom blogs

  • awesome url

  • super nice and rad blogger

  • organized theme/tagging preferred

  • if you make edits/fics/gifs it’ll be a huge plus

What You Get:
  • a group of colin fanatics to be friends with

  • a follow from us and other network members

  • help with polls/fics/anything else you need

  • we are here for you and all your troubles

  • and also for colin (obvs)

If You Get In:
  • you’ll get a message saying you’ve been accepted

  • i will need a 120x120 icon (i can resize it for you) and a short description from you for the members page

  • you will also be asked for your email to be added to the group chat.

  • put a link to it the network your blog please :)
Other Info:
  • we’ll pick the first group of members when this gets 30-40 entries
  • we’ll be adding other members as we feel appropriate after that
  • track the tag #hooknetwork for updates and posts from other members

New url! the-swan-and-her-pirate » myboyfriendhook

Reblog and spread the word please. I used to be the-swan-and-her-pirate, now I’m myboyfriendhook.